October 25, 2016


Foreign aid is intended to help poor countries. Contrary to this, poor countries rarely benefit from foreign aid. It is evident that foreign aid does not always reach those in need in these countries. Foreign aid in form of education or food may not drive these countries out of their problems. Poor countries seem to have “inborn problems” that they must address themselves if they are to succeed. In regard to this, it is the responsibility of governments of poor nations to look after their citizens themselves.


Foreign aid in form of food may never benefit these countries because of two main reasons. One, most government officials and politicians in third world countries are corrupt. When the government politicians and the rich in these countries pocket this food, the poor never access it as planned by the donor.  The second reason is that foreign aid promotes laziness among farmers (Waugh, & Bushell, 2001).  The poor countries have become used to foreign aid and cannot put extra efforts to produce more or look for better production methods to help themselves (Westoby, 2004).

Aid in form of education could be promising to eradicate poverty in poor countries but also bear no significant fruits. Foreign education may not help poor countries to effectively address their problems due to vices like corruption in these countries (Waugh, & Bushell, 2001). The saying “necessity is the mother of invention” apply well in this situation. The poor countries should be left on their own to see the necessity of formulating market-oriented education systems. This will enable them design education system that will produce fully-baked workers. Education developed by poor countries themselves will better solve their problems than foreign education. As a result, poor countries will be able to reduce reliance on foreign workforce since they’ll be able to produce their own.

In conclusion, the poor nations will never feel the necessity to become independent if the wealthier countries continue helping them. Third world countries seem to be the author of their own problems. The governments of poorer nations should be left on their own in order to look after their citizens themselves. This will enable these governments to address corruption and other vices in their systems.

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