Teachers Teaching Teachers Across New York

Our site conducts an annual invitational institute where experienced teachers of writing demonstrate exemplary classroom practices, study research, and write extensively. These teachers make up the cadre that conducts other summer and school-year programs throughout the state, such as:

~ Summer, school-year, and intersession institutes

~ Inservice workshops and series

~ Classroom coaching and mentoring

~ Partnerships with schools and districts

~ Teacher research programs

~ Youth writing camps

~ Family literacy programs

~ School- and district-wide writing assessment programs

~ Support programs for district literacy coaches

~ Preservice, intern, and beginning teacher programs

Writing projects work with schools and districts to tailor professional development programs that address the local needs of teachers and students. Areas of focus can include, but are not limited, to the following:

~ Teaching writing to English learners

~ Connecting writing and reading

~ Teaching response, revision, and editing

~ Teaching the writing of the Common Core State Standards and the new California ELD Standards

~ Preparing students for state and university writing and reading tests

~ Preparing students for the writing of college and the workplace

~ Teaching writing across the curriculum

~ Using technology to teach writing

~ Implementing an effective writing program