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Help to start writing

At this point of writing, you should have already considered what kind of story you will present and how you will do it. You thought about the best ways to get the admission officers to like you, and understood what they are expecting from you, and now, it is time for you to get going and start writing an admission essay.

1. Use details and vivid language

The best essays are the ones that include numerous details that help their readers feel and live through the story with the writer. Try to focus on positive things and do not state the obvious. If you want to show that you love studying, do not say that straight. It will look more persuasive if you show the situation where you have proved how dedicated you are to studies, like when your friends were at the fair having fun, you could not put down the pen, as you were so eager to write a paper on a very interesting topic.

Think of these while writing:

  • Can I show this using an example rather than simply tell?
  • What can I do to make the story sound more interesting?
  • Is there a way to be more specific describing the certain situation?

Well, you may surely think that saying how great you are is a bit weird, as you do not want to show off. Yes, you should not sound pompous, but you must certainly not be a plain Jane in the essay. The recruiters want to see your strength and best sides, and they are expecting you to say nice things about yourself, so give them what they want and make yourself look great in the essay.

2. Remember that you are a teen

The words you use while writing do show the level of your intelligence and the capacity of your vocab. They may also say something about your personality and the way of thinking. And whether you are native or an international student, you want to show that your knowledge of the language is perfect, and you will be able to communicate your thoughts in classes while speaking and writing. Thus, you want to use strong words and phrases and replace all weak adjectives, verbs, and adverbs with more effective ones. However, that does not mean you should sit with a dictionary all the time trying to come up with a fancy phrase with a few smart words you have just learned. Admission officers understand that you are a teenager so nobody expects you to sound like an old scholar or a professor. Moreover, putting the words you barely know in the sentences may not end well for you, as you can misuse them, or they can have another, more popular meaning that completely changes what you wanted to say.

3. Edit and proofread carefully

Nobody is perfect, and everyone knows it, and it is okay if you make mistakes while writing. However, keep this mistakes for yourself and don’t let the recruiters see them. Every time you finish the essay, take quality time to check it and ask a few of your friends to help you out with this. You can even find an English teacher who will analyze your work in a more professional way, correct some of the mistakes, and tell you whether there is anything you better change. Do not ignore this tip or hesitate to show your writing to someone. You sure need a second opinion, as no matter how hard you try, it is impossible to assess oneself adequately and find all mistakes in the text you have composed yourself. While reviewing the paper, pay attention to:

  • Structure: is the essay comfortable to read? does it look coherent and consistent?
  • Grammar/Vocab: are all the words used properly and the sentences organized correctly?
  • Content: does the story sound interesting? is there something that should be changed/added?
4. Mind the time frames

Even though the essay is not the biggest paper to prepare, you will spend a lot of time working on your admission essay. As you draft, write, and refine the essay, mind the requirements that the university has, and the time you have for writing. If you think too much about the structure and the details to write about, you may not leave enough time to actually write an essay, so be sure to manage the time you have wisely.