October 19, 2016

Role of education in development

In any country’s development education is essential.  Some people are of the view that, education is among the subsidiary factor in the development of any country. This paper illustrates that in the development of any country education is of the most importance.

First of all, the way people think in any country is dramatically changed by education. Due to this, it is immensely important. According to Allen (2011), such people usually think in a way that is modern. As matter of fact, it improves the society as well as themselves. Barber (2009) argues that when adults or children receive an education that is good, they may invent or discover new ideas which tremendously improve the development and growth of their country by creating employment opportunities. Consequently, through education, the way people think is enormously influenced in a way that is positive for that benefit of many individuals.


The world is made up of many countries that are located in different parts. Additionally, education facilitates and eases communications among different states and countries (Barber, 2009). As argued by Allen (2011), education greatly enables smooth and easy dealing or contact between countries. For instance, when a unified language is learned by people such as English, they will not encounter or face any challenges while communicating. Through communication, businesses run effectively resulting to economical growth. Thus towards building relationships and businesses that are strong among countries, education is effective.

To sum up, it is self-evident that a vital role is played by education towards developing people’s means of communication and mentality. If most care is paid by people towards education, with no doubt they are heading towards prosperity and development of their countries.

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