October 17, 2016

Connection between Robotization and World Poverty

In the current technological development and enhancement of information and communication technology, robotization has escalated globally increasing the use of electronic machines. People use Machines to perform most of the regular jobs in offices. Computers perform various duties efficiently leading to the reduction of human activities and the number of the worker in various sectors (Andrianov et al, 2016).


In the world today, there is a lot of engagement of computers and different machines by the governments in the performance of functions. The incorporation of machines in various fields deprives individuals of their jobs leading to unemployment. The lack of employment leads to word poverty, which is a great problem to the modern civilization and must be defeated through all means including the collaboration of various international bodies.

The economic status of various countries elevates by the technique of robotization, which increases the rates of production, the quality, and quantity of goods and services (Glassman, 2016). The problem of robotization and poverty has become very common because many individuals feel that robotization cannot solve the poverty menace but only escalate it. Since the industrial revolution and the in initiation of machines into the process of production, relationship between robotization and poverty is clear because the automated production deprives people from their jobs.

Many people lose their jobs annually because of the application of various mechanisms in various sectors such as the robots and machines doing the work better than the human beings without payment do. The problem is influencing vast fields and is escalating with the increasing population causing unemployment and poverty.

The connection between robotization and poverty is very slim and there are reasons for that since the problem of robotization has existed in the society even before the process of robotization. Poverty is common in areas where robotization is common and human skills very poor. The development of technology can be advantages and disadvantages to human development within the society depending on how it relatively affects humanity.

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