October 31, 2016

To what extent should economic planning be influenced by the need of environmental conservation?

Businesses commencing in modernization era faces stiff competition which may lead to uncertainty. People have different opinions when it comes to economic planning. Some says that economic planning is influences by environmental conservation while others have a completely different opinion all together. At present, various environmental problems have become a huge problem. This has led to economic planning being entirely based on environmental conservation. As many countries, mainly developed countries usually enjoy the good life from natural atmosphere. They therefore make an effort of awareness policy of the environment such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) so as to implement and ensures the companies responds to environment conservation and take responsibility for the problem.


Nonetheless, development can only take place in presence of a secure environment. Sustainable development is the foundation of damage prevention. Many corporates attempt to start a campaign on global warming, especially automotive companies like Toyota, Honda and others. They frequently advertise that they have do corporate social responsibility to save the universe such as reforestation and create new innovations which are environmental friendly. New invention leads to energy conservation and be the best option to preserve the environment.

In conclusion, economic planning is surely at great part influenced by environmental conservation. This is a great deal for every country and as a result it has led to many corporates standing at the front line of environmental conservation by providing policies. This has helped greatly due to the power on every individuals in these social movement. This is therefore very important for every on to take part for the benefit of the universe at large.

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