August 23, 2017

Glowing circles of the Indian Ocean


In 1976, the summer of the Soviet research vessel named “Vladimir Komarov” furrow across the expanses of the Arabian Sea. Shortly before midnight, when not all the crewmembers are employed on duty slept, the ship’s captain Petrenko summoned to the bridge. There was a navigator on watch and shouted something, pointing to the water.

Right around the ship spun round object radius of 150-200 m. The circle moved the opposite direction clockwise around the center, from which came the long rays. Sounder fixed depth of 170 m. The water temperature was 26 degrees. Glowing circle disappeared and did not show up after 30 minutes.

But it was not the first meeting of the sailors with this amazing natural phenomenon, which occurs only in the Indian Ocean: it has long been known to scientists. For the first time it met the crew of “vulgar” ship from England in 1879. July 10 at 22 o’clock near the Indian subcontinent saw sailors from the port and starboard are two luminous circle with rays emanating from the center. One of the objects rotated counterclockwise, and the other in the opposite direction. Captain Evans was able to fix the speed of their rotation. It was 130 km h.

Although Evans, was very well known, and respected scientist, a member of the Geographical Society of Great Britain, its message no one took seriously. In the following 1880 sailors ships “Shahkikin” from England at the intersection of the eastern Indian Ocean again we witnessed this strange phenomenon. Captain Harris sent a boat right in the most center of the circle.

In the same year, the British sailors “Patna” ship in the Persian Gulf on their way to see two glowing circle. They revolved at speeds of 160 km h in opposite directions.

Since then, reports of meetings with mysterious glowing objects in the Indian Ocean began to roll in one after the other. By 1973, when the community saw the Soviet crew of “Anton Makarenko,” the ship, such observations gathered over 60.

It was found that the mysterious circles behave differently. Usually on the ocean surface occurs either one or two luminous circle. From each of them came long beams of several hundred meters. Sometimes the circle of light, so that you can even read.

After a while, the strange circles disappeared. The nature of these phenomena is still not received an explanation. According to some scientists, it is the result of a huge concentration of plankton in the water, which, under certain conditions to the surface and it forms a luminous spot. How to explain to them the correct form and coming down from the center of the rays, and the greater the speed of rotation? More than a hundred years, scientists and cannot solve this riddle.

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