July 25, 2017

Legend of Lake Kok-Kol


Many legends for a long time, accompanied by stories about a small lake Kazakhstan Kok-Kol, located in Karakistanskoy Valley. Like the legend of the mysterious inhabitants of Loch Ness, which is known all over the world tell us that the lake Kok-Kol inhabits a mysterious inhabitant like a huge snake or dromedary. Locals call it aydahir.

It is said that from the lake often hear strange sounds like the cry of a camel, which quickly gives way to a shrill whistle. On a calm water surface appear vague outlines very similar to the motion of the water a huge snake-like creature about 15 meters in length. It is notable that the water in the place where motion was seen for a few minutes and becomes saturated minerals takes therapeutic properties. Locals in a hurry to dial “healing” water until it is mixed with the rest of the lake water.

However, scientists have proved and explained that there was no natural riddle does not exist.

The researchers found that the lake is among the moraine, where the underwater channels and a variety of gullies formed frequently. From this it follows that the lake Kok-Kol – glacial origin. Scientists have discovered and explored one of these channels.

All those strange sounds that can be heard near the lake: the screams, sighs, whistles, arose from the fact that part of the lake water is sucked through the ravine. In addition, at the same time when the water went into the ravine on the lake surface appeared the outlines of the body twisting movements “monster.” Water trapped in the underground channels, pushes to the surface mineralized water found there, and she is saturated with various salts and gases.

Perhaps in the future, scientists will be able to prove that the mysterious inhabitant of the Scottish Loch Ness, this is just an underwater channel, but sometimes she wants to believe in a fairy tale!

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