June 14, 2017

Greatest travels around the Earth (Part 2)


On a bike trip around the world made a great 24-year-old student Frenchman Yves Bonnet from Nancy. He drove 75 thousand km. His path lay through all natural zones, ranging from tropical and polar ending.

Record cycling marathon was set by Englishman Walter Stole. His journey through the world lasted for 17 years, he traveled 640,000 km. During this time, the robbers attacked stalls 7 times, 23 times robbed him, and once the police arrested him.

World Tour Ashok Kumar of India lasted for more than 16 years. In 1971, in April, he went on the road. Kumar traveled 400,000 kilometers and visited 150 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and America. On the way, Kumar made long stops to earn money for the continuation of his journey and to restore motorcycle. Twice he was almost killed in a serious road accident in Uruguay and Finland. The journey was a difficult. Name Kumar entered in the “Guinness Book of Records.” He is listed there biggest fan of traveling on a motorcycle.

The first trip around the world on horseback in the years 1982-1986 made a rider Azuay Adnan from Syria. Over a period of 3 years and 7 months, she rode the countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and America more than 35,000 km.

On Earth, there are more than 200 countries. Any true geographer wants to visit each of them. For the Italian Giorgio Riccati from the city of Turin, this dream became a reality. His name is brought in the “Guinness Book of Records.” Riccati was forced not only to overcome the difficulties that are associated with remote foot transitions, but many bureaucratic obstacles that arise when crossing national borders. According to the traveler, the most unpleasant was the fact that he had to shoot almost every step, as the picture stories were his only income. The photo archive Riccati there are more than 130 thousand images. His first journey Giorgio made in 1962. Then he and his friend traveled on a motor scooter all the Mediterranean countries. When was the first sea voyage around the world, which lasted 15 months? Gradually Riccati for travel became the meaning of life. On the world map are almost no places where never been this amazing traveler. Behind Riccati almost 3 million. Kilometers of land and sea, road and air.

Record travel on regular flights were carried out in Belgium resident Bruno Lionenom capital. He twice for 11 months round the globe, at the same time, visited 52 countries and 109 cities. Lyon became the owner of the longest in the world ticket. By the end of his journey, length was 13 meters, and the weight is 1 kg. Unfortunately, it is not known how much money is spent on Lyon travel.

In 1986-1987, Canada’s most popular man admits Rick Hansen of Vancouver. What he has done, it is a true feat, which are only capable of extraordinary personality. From 21 March 1985 to 22 May 1987 for 26 months, he traveled around the world to 34 countries of the world and been on four continents. You might think, what is surprising here. The fact that Hansen made his journey of 40074 km in a wheelchair. He relied only on the strength of their hands and to support accompanying. Hansen decided on this act for humanitarian purposes. During the trip, he intended to create a fund intended to finance research into the treatment of patients paralyzed research. Through the donations of individual organizations and individuals he has, collected $ 10 million – is serious help scientists in their research. Hansen also wanted to prove to all the people to whom fate has also been unkind as to himself, that human possibilities are unlimited in all conditions. “I believe that each of us, no matter how heavy was not our fate, should refer to the responsibility of his life” – says Hansen. The 15-year-old he was in a car accident and then was confined to a wheelchair. Hansen in his book “Man in Motion” described his journey.

Finish the story on record voyages around the world we want, referring to the famous writer Jules Verne. Surprisingly, even in this age, when the speed increases, and there are various means of transport, it is impossible in the world tour to meet the deadline of the hero, “80 days around the world” of the novel. Since there are no flights, and who described Verne, and transport flights.

The British geographers, together with experts from the famous railway and maritime companies and Lloyd Cook, made such a conclusion. Even if for the traveler to make an exception, according to the calculations of scientists, using all named in a work vehicle, Fog’s lost a bet and be late for 22 days.

A staff of the British newspaper “Sunday Times” came to an even more disappointing conclusion. After studying modern travel guides, they found that the journey can be repeated, but with all the difficulties associated with the paperwork at the border, it will take at least 202 days. Besides cost vehicles has increased more than 30 times.

But if you use only one type of transport, for example, a car, you can travel much faster literary Fogh. Spouses and motorists saola Ninis Chowdhury from India took only 39 days, 7 hours and 15 minutes, according to the “Guinness Book of Records.” Spring of 1992, they made a trip around the world in six continents and traveled 40,500 km. Every day they crossed the path of 1200 km., In spite of the snow, rain, fog or heat.

According to travelers, the most difficult segment of the route was Australia. They contain a large number of kangaroos that suddenly jumped and forced to reduce speed to avoid an accident.

It should be noted that such an achievement was made possible due to the fact that the path of the route agreed in advance with the authorities of the states through which it passed. Indian travelers should not have been crossing borders to execute documents. Moreover, no need to perform transplants on other types of vehicles and to depend on schedules.

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