January 19, 2017

Disasters related to water

Water is an indispensable part of human life. It is necessary all life on earth: plants and animals, soil and air. This means that no water would not be on all the earth’s life. Water – the basis of all life processes is not possible, without the process of photosynthesis in plants, the water is not only present in the waters, but also in the air and in the soil, and in all living things up to 80 – 90 % Water. We all know that life on the planet and all living creatures were born, than – something in the water. Today the water occupies 70.8% of the country. Rivers, lakes, ground water, glaciers and mountain glaciers Coating: – Apply the same water bowl water land. After the ice – water even frozen. Therefore, it is particularly dangerous when the water manifests itself as an element. What can cause natural disasters to water?

Water can cause people to devastating, devastating downpour or hail attack, flooding everything around during the flood, in the seas and oceans passing storms and tsunamis, from the mountains down torrents or glaciers. However, it is no less dangerous for people not only to get excess, but the lack of moisture: drought often devastate the blossoming earth, destroying whole civilizations.



One of the biggest floods, if – ever in the world has occurred, is reflected in the first part of the Bible, the so-called “Old Testament.” “In the six hundredth year of life” … – said the holy book, “… all the fountains of great depth, and the windows of heaven opened, and fell upon the earth rain forty days and forty nights And the waters swelled exceedingly Upon the earth, which covered all the high mountains, and under the whole heaven were fifteen cubits above the waters, and the mountains were covered.

In addition, the life of all flesh is lost, what creeping beast that creepeth upon the earth, and over the fowls and beasts, and all men. In addition, the water on the earth for 150 days. “The story of the first Flood Bible is narrated: the literary and historical works of almost all the nations of the earth contain stories of the flood, and today no one doubts that these stories are based on real events Catastrophe that has ever experienced humanity in the twentieth century, created the flood many problems for the population of the planet Earth in August 1952 flood of the small spa town of Lynmouth water rose after days of the rain from the sea flooded into the city …. Nakata energy Showers of unusually high surf. Blue muddy stream, penetrating several kilometers in the country, destroyed many houses, flooded streets, flooded houses and cellars. Washing in a narrow valley, rock fragments torn from the roots of a tree Cut off people who are in hotels and pensions on the banks of a small river lying in the valley. In the morning, the dam broke bank and covered the second wave of the surviving pieces of sushi. On this day, 94 people were killed. More recently, in August 1983 in Spain, the storm broke over on the coast of the Gulf of Biscay. River that flows into the Atlantic flooded and muddy stream poured into the valley.

The water destroyed bridges and swept bridges, flooded houses and court buildings, farm buildings destroyed. Five days later is hosted in the country trapped by them. Day and night rescue teams were taken on boats and boats taken by elements of the hostages. People shot from the roofs, treetops and tops. No matter how trying the savior, but 49 people have not managed to save.

In principle not excluded and a second deluge. In the past century, there had been some warming. From this one can melt the enormous masses of ice and snow that have accumulated in the area of the Antarctic and the Arctic. In this case, the global sea level will rise by 55 meters. 25 percent of the country would be flooded.


It is also quite possible to consider a disaster.

Every time he makes the planting of grain in stacks windbreak, and sometimes hurt people and animals. What is hail, and how is it formed? Cut into two halves-Large hailstorms like an onion: It consists of several layers of ice, which is explained by jumps of hail sticks up the wind. During this hailstone acquires new ice layers. A shape such as icicles, the temperature rise, some of which reach a diameter of 13 cm and weighs about one kilogram, at a height of 5 km and above, where in summer not above – 15 degrees Celsius. Large hailstorms fall from high altitude, developed at great speed. It is like an artillery grantee. In India, May 11, 1929, he was perhaps the largest castle that was in the twentieth century. He fell no more than 15 minutes. Hail ended as fast as it had begun.

The whole area was like a military battlefield. In almost all the trees leaves was torn off and a lot is broken twigs. Everything that grew in the peasant fields was destroyed or mixed with earth. The impression was that small-caliber guns fired the fields strongly. Many animals and birds died. There were many human casualties killed and injured large hailstorms.

Nowadays, people are trying to find a way to prevent hail, shoot guns from the cloud, sent to the rocket hail clouds with special fillings, and bombarded those clouds of airplanes. However, unfortunately all these methods is ineffective.


The storm – a storm on the sea.

Why is there a storm? It is a strong destructive wind. Point scale – English Admiral Francis Beaufort 12 still classified wind power in 1806. It is well named – Beaufort scale. He divided the winds as a function of the speed of the movement of the air masses. Even if the electricity rate is 9 points 20 to 24 meters per second, and the wind knocked dilapidated buildings, tear the roofs of houses. When a storm wind strength reaches 8-11 points. Storms are very dangerous on the coast and at the mouths of large rivers.

Storm hunts large waves that fill the shore and destroy everything that spills the wind. Sea storm much worse land. Storm sinks, big and small ships, throws them on the beach, and everything that comes on the shore throws into the sea. The wildest – tropical storms. They are born and gain strength on the ocean wide on both sides of the equator in the hot sun. In tropical storms have a “favorite months.”

Jamaica still sing a little song: “June – it is early July is vigilantly, and in August – be careful, in September – not to forget, and in October – already everything went.” During the Spanish colonization of the prayer Puerto Rico “A disgust” in August and September. On the island of Cuba – in September and October. The priests also know where and when the Caribbean hurricanes pose the greatest danger. In September 1780 there swept a tropical cyclone. He left a long memory. Then I lost many sailing ships, caught in the open sea. With no less cruelty, it has been led with those who were near the coast. Here is the day sank more than 400 ships. Wind violently attacked, the Lesser Antilles – Barbados, Martinique, Saint Lucia. Huge waves of the ocean rose ashore several cities have been razed to the ground. The number of death victims reached almost forty thousand! Such tragedies are played from time to time, and the coasts of India and Pakistan.


The sea is sometimes not only very strong winds and typhoons. The word is Chinese and means “big wind”.

In the middle of each of the typhoon, a region of very low pressure at high temperature. This so-called “eye of the typhoon.” Its diameter is 30 km. It is quiet, and to turn clockwise, hurricane winds rage. “The eye of the typhoon” sometimes leads people to come, it came from the area where the rushing stormy winds and huge water rush wave. To think that the typhoon has passed, inexperienced sailors about the danger of relaxing and forgetting. Such negligence cost her with all her heart. One of the strongest tropical typhoons destroyed September 8, 1900 a small American port town of Galveston, killing 6,000 people. Nevertheless, perhaps the strongest hurricane that raged our planet in November 1970 came in the Bay of Bengal, which is in the Indian Ocean. It was rushed across the bay of Typhoon on the mouth of the Ganges. Under the pressure of the water of the river flows in the opposite direction. The flood covers the area equal to three in Germany. In the crash killed 300 thousand people. Now with the help of satellites and computers, you can determine the direction of movement of the typhoons newborns and draw the attention of the population.


A small river murmurs quietly in the valley, sometimes a trickle.

However, the case of a sharp rise in the water, caused flooding caused by heavy rains or fast snowmelt where – that in the upper run. In addition, the stream is no current, a roar, sweeps in its way, muddy silt, sand and earth flow. Stones and rubble, which he had carefully rationalized, is now torn and rattled in a crazy rush of hot tub. Therefore, Rinnsal turns into a Mure “Sel” – an Arabic word and it is translated as “torrent”. The devastating debris flows are frequent in the mountainous regions of India and China, Turkey and Iran. Fall they are in our country, in the mountains of Abkhazia, Dagestan.


It is a quite frequent guest in the regions of our planet.

In the chronicle of past centuries, one can be found about the catastrophe many sad records. Such catastrophes were accompanied by a great famine. When drought continued for several years and death decimated entire populations. Many countries have turned into a desolate desert. In the past centuries, the drought has been a catastrophe that fears people more than a flood, hurricane or earthquake. Nowadays, in some countries the drought is an end to the human plague. By the – still particularly affected by these peoples of the individual countries in Africa and Asia. In the years 1972-1974, there was a drought in the countries of the southern border of the Sahara. In Sinegal, Niger, Mali, Guinea-Bissau, Obervolta of hunger and thirst, hundreds of thousands of people died. Palo over a million pieces of cattle. Less than ten years in this country pay once again a visit old guest. In sub-Saharan Africa will drop no drop of rain. They left the water from many wells shed springs became shallow and become salty lakes. In the early 80’s of the last century, drought and pay a visit to the East African country. Everywhere in Djibouti and Ethiopia to Uganda and Sudan cracked earth from the heat and become white. This tragedy hit 25 African countries this year.

Today, in many countries the dependence of people, their economic activity from the whims of the weather is the same as it was before. Unfortunately, now it is not just natural disasters threatening the life of the rights. Flooding, muds can make people dry. The cause of tragedy, but not people work, and its unreasonable approach to life in the natural environment: pollution that leads to the greenhouse effect and the lifting of global sea level rise to irrevocable water consumption when the water is completely lost to the environment Calculations show that at this rate of consumption of 2100, mankind could exhaust supplies of fresh water). The most important thing is now to learn how to be friends with nature, with water, including, if possible, and natural disasters being less disturbing.

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