August 3, 2017

Mysteries of vanished tribes (Part 2)

Great mystery covered the origin of the population in Peru. blood test five mummies Inca rulers was conducted and it showed that they all had the “A” group, which, as we know, “brought” only a few centuries to the Americas.

Some strange inscriptions, which are similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics were found in one of the small caves of Northern Chile. We can assume that even then sailors from Egypt reached the coast of South America. Scientists support this version 1985-1986, found near the town of Arica about hundreds of ancient mummies. By the standards of archaeologists and other scientists of the age of one of them is 7039 years old. Age rest dates back to 4000 years. But in the end anyway, these mummies are much older than those who were in the days of the Pharaohs. So maybe they did the Egyptian?

In 1874, on one of the rocks in the area of Paraíba discovered cuneiform inscription, as it later became known, in the Phoenician language. It stated that on the 19th year of King Hiram of the Gulf of Aqaba went in flight 10 Phoenician ships, but a storm scattered the fleet and only one ship was able to swim to the shores of mountainous country.

Not far from Rio de Janeiro a large inscription wedge marks was found in 1936, its width is 2 meters. Its text contains references to Bedezire Phoenician from Tyre. It has been established that the rules Badezir with 855 to 850 BC. But the question is: how can people get here from Phoenicia and where they subsequently disappeared? Maybe the pyramids, which were built in the jungles of the Amazon, it is their handiwork?


An interesting fact is that the mention of the American continents, in Tibetan manuscripts date back to 1500 years BC.

So, the last mystery about the discovery of America takes us to a distant antiquity. Near the town of Valdivia found fragments of pottery, which, according to scientists, are made in the III millennium. Yes AD. And judging by the pictures on them, such pattern known and distributed on the island of Kyushu. It turns out that the Japanese were about V ago knew thousand years of the existence of America and swam there.

Summing up, this suggests the following conclusion: geographic expedition re-open those facts which were known to ancient people.

In 1975, the council of the Soviet and American scientists verdict that Siberia is the ancestral home of the indigenous population of America, and more specifically the Baikal region. It is also an established fact that in ancient times on the site of the Bering Strait was dry land, that it is a bridge between Eurasia and North America.

In the Urals, in 1975, researchers came across a burial. Its age is 4000 years. Studies have shown that American Indians are buried.
Scientist R.Berger in 1976 discovered on the island of Santa Rosa parking oldest Americans and found objects from ceramics and basalt, very similar to those used in people of Northeast Asia.

Therefore, it would seem, a mythical assumption that America’s population is derived from the Asians, who first suggested back in 1590 explorer José de Akos, fully confirmed. Now scientists say that the first Asian settlement in America appeared 32,000 years ago. This fact was confirmed as a result of research findings in Chile and Brazil, the radiocarbon method.

It seems that migration of peoples in America in the old days there were from all the other continents. Because otherwise it is impossible to explain the results traveler D.Russo pictures of horses, lions, cows, camels, elephants on the rocks. It is estimated that these images more than 10 thousand years. However, earlier that these animals never lived in America. Also on the figures, depict people of three races that live on our planet. New questions arise: when and where the artist was able to see all races and these animals. How could they get to America? Maybe through Beringia or is it across the ocean?

Scientists in the Department of Arequipa made a very important discovery. In a cave on the mountain, it was discovered Chuku “library” plates with figures made of clay. The total weight of this kind of “library” is equal to 250 kg. They depict geometric shapes, people, animals and weird characters to us. Creating labels refers to the pre-Inca era, but a particular age has not yet been set.

Many unsolved mysteries can be found morrow continents. We went to Africa. Enormous value are found frescoes, whose age is 6 thousand. They were found years scientists from France, Henri Lot in the caves, which are located near the oasis of Djelfa. These items depict people in some costumes that look just like diving or spacesuits. There is an opinion that it is stylized drawings of people with large baskets on their heads. Still it is not known who is depicted in the frescoes?

In Africa, there are many other unsolved mysteries, but we are now recovering in Asia, and more precisely in India. In the ancient Indian epic “Mahabharata” refers to weapons, which shook the whole planet. But what kind of equipment, which can destroy everything? Immediately comes to mind memories of the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. However, in this epic, it is about time a few thousand years ago.

Australian continent is also teeming with a variety of puzzles. Expedition G.Greya geographer in 1837, explored the west coast of the mainland. In addition, it was found about a dozen caves with images of people who were not resemble Australian natives. The most of the images people were dressed in clothes that are not typical for the inhabitants of the Australian continent. However, this discovery at first no one was interested. About he remembered only in 1831. While the Australian traveler M.Terri found a similar picture, but in the central part of the continent. These drawings were bulky and carved into the rocks at a height of about 10 meters, and for the creation of the necessary special equipment appropriate height. People who lived here in ancient times could not even know about the existence of such equipment. The question arises: who made these images in the Stone Age?

An even greater number of drawings was found in 1960 near the town of Alice Springs. And already in 1961, archaeologists came across a huge stone circles, which are similar to religious or astronomical facilities. They were in New Wales, its central portion.

On the island of New Guinea in the East Sepik 5 unfinished pyramids found. Their height is 35 meters. A similar construction found on the European continent in 1851. Pyramid consists of 18 terraces, which are composed of small and large boulders.

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