February 14, 2018

Use Articles to Sell Your E-book

Marketing information products, or e-books, is one of the best ways to make money online. The first thing you should do is research about what the market wants to read in an e-book. After you write your e-book, you need to get traffic to your website that sells your e-book.

So how can you get more traffic to your website, allowing you to sell your e-book?

Articles are the perfect solution. Use the keyword phrases from your e-book to write a series of articles on the same topic. Include a link at the end of each article to encourage visitors to visit your website. Add a brief bio about the author. Best of all, offer a free (but valuable!) “ethical bribe” to encourage visitors to your site.

If your article helps your readers to save money, then you have reached a thrifty audience. They might like other money-saving tips. At the bottom of each article, include a blurb like this: Stephen Beck is a financial expert who writes articles to help people save money on their wedding. Get your free copy of Celebrate “Great Money-Saving Tips for Your Fabulous Wedding. Click here for free information”. This backward link brings traffic to your website.

By clicking on that link, customers are taken to your single page website advertising your e-book. A pop-up requests their name and e-mail address, allowing you to send them a free report on saving money. Not only do you collect contact information, but you benefit from a steady stream of visitors to your website, all fascinated by your topic.

After your articles are complete, they will help you create a massive e-book promotion. Send articles to article directories, blogs, e-zines anywhere you can. Here’s a hint: Webmasters love fresh, new, free articles to add to their websites. It doesn’t matter that you have a link to your own website.

As you write and submit articles, you develop a reputation as an authority. This increases your name recognition. At the same time, the backward links increase your rankings in the search engines while driving more traffic to your website. This is a great way to use articles to sell your e-book.

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