August 10, 2017

Tunguska miracle


On June 30, 1908 over the East Siberian taiga in the pool one of the largest tributaries of the Yenisei River in the Stony Tunguska River 64 kilometers from the village Varnavary explosion of enormous power. Fortunately, there were no casualties, but several houses were destroyed in the village from the blast. By today Scientists estimate the energy of the explosion was equal to the explosion of the atomic bomb in 1000, or one hydrogen in a few tens of megatons.

The blast in an area of 3885 sq km. I poured taiga. Trees were lying in a circle of radius of 30 kilometers. It has been found by the expedition of the Academy of Sciences Kulik in 1927.

The same area of felled timber in the southeast of the first in 1911 discovered the writer Shishkov. He worked for a time in the local taiga railway engineer. This indicates that there were two explosion or one, but two coaxial centers.

A bright flash of light that has arisen in this case, watched hundreds of kilometers from the epicenter. The roar was heard thousands of kilometers.

As they say eyewitness’s disaster, huge ball, which appeared above the ground, soon turned into a pillar of fire in the 20 km, and then disappeared. Then, in this direction seen smoke. Once it cleared, making a huge cloud.

What happened? What could explode with such great power? Until now, scientists are scratching their heads over this issue and put forward a variety of conflicting versions. Some suggest that the explosion occurred on a celestial body – a meteorite. Others believe that from the comet, which supposedly descended from its orbit in this region has reached the surface of our planet. Still others think that it was a nuclear explosion, and the fourth hypothesize that it exploded spaceship aliens.

The first two scientific hypothesis based on studies Kulik and expeditions, as well as eyewitness accounts of this incredible event. The truth is there is its “Achilles heel.” If the cause of the explosion was a giant space object, then the place of his fall had formed the crater. However, it was not there, and no fragments found.

It does not release evidence to the effect that the body of the meteorite evaporated in the explosion when entering the Earth’s atmosphere. The same can be said of the hypothesis, which argues that exploded comet nucleus of ice and snow dust. There was no crater, not even a lake.


An interesting version of the advanced science-fiction writer Kazantsev. He believes that in the area of Stony Tunguska crashed during landing spaceship aliens. But why was such a loud explosion and where the footprints?

None of the hypotheses can not explain why starting from 30 June until mid-August in a large area, coverage of European Russia, Western Siberia and practically the whole of Europe in the same year all the nights were very bright on the horizon observed bright dawns.

Most scientists believe that it still had a blast rubble of the comet nucleus at an altitude of 6 km. According to them, as a result of explosion of a space object ricocheted away from this place, and formed a mysterious Zabuldinsky cone, which is located at Paton Highlands. He is the tomb of the Tunguska body at a depth of 90 m. The crater stands out high levels of radiation.

More recently, all hypotheses added another, not without significance. She was nominated doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences Portnov. He conducted research in the area of the Tunguska taiga. He suggested that the mysterious body could be composed of methane gas frozen in space. A huge number of these mountains is worn in outer space at a speed of 20-30 km / s. According to the scientists, they consist of rings of the planet Saturn. Such rings recently discovered Uranus, Jupiter and Neptune. Powerful field of Saturn greatly shakes the ring. Perhaps there from time to time fall to the Earth-wandering gas giant ice mountain, which after themselves leave no evidence, but simply disappear into the Earth’s atmosphere. According Portnov, over the taiga could explode messenger Saturn.

You see that the question of the nature of the mysterious explosion over the taiga of Siberia among scientists consensus does not exist. Which version will win – it is a matter of the future. We can only rejoice that the Tunguska explosion occurred in a sparsely populated deaf thicket, and not in any densely populated area.

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