June 19, 2017

Taiga Robinsons (Part 2)


After this news helicopter arrived to the residence Robinsons family relatives. After the funeral, they offered to move orphaned Agathius to him, but she refused. VM Peskov also failed to persuade her to move. Agatha said, “The blessing of the Father did not give me.” It did not frighten the life of a single woman in the forest, inhabited by wolves, bears … and who knows what else might happen, after all fanaticism was stronger than reason. As a result, Agatha left alone, geologists who carried out their research close to the residence of a woman, also finished their work and left. Agathius Communication with the world is very abrupt end, but occasionally she wrote a letter to the journalist and passed them through Yerofei hunter, who took care of her and help if needed.

In the fall of 1988 in a visit to Agafya came journalist VM Peskov. He still managed to persuade to buy for the money newspaper listed some things for a woman. First, it was brought to feed the chickens and roosters, as well as cereals, honey, candles, fruits, batteries and a dog, which she had long dreamed of. The journalist tried again to persuade Agathius back to civilization, but she refused. It did not frighten the life of a single woman in the forest, although it was very difficult and dangerous. Periodically, it came the bears who wanted to eat the goats, and in such cases, Agafya and her household saving shots shotgun.

Recently it became known that in the forest on the border of the Kemerovo Region and Altai Territory have also found a settlement of the Old Believers. Previously, his or her place of residence, no one knew.

From 1947 to 1989 (42 years) lasted for survival in the wilderness soldier war Bostin resident of the village. The reason was a quarrel with the district, which was then in disgrace commander GK Zhukova. The soldier stood up for the name, but soon realized that the best way to escape into the woods. In 1989, he returned to live in civilization.

Another one inhabitant of the taiga discovered in 1991. Marc Gursky was found in the marshes to the north of the Novosibirsk region. He wandered 10 years in the taiga, and was cut off from the people, he could not even say his name.

Only after this when Robinson fed, washed and dressed in the village of Fox Mink he told about himself and spent years in the wilderness. It turned out that at the time when he lived alone, it was built. In different places of the taiga, he dug three dugout near each made something like a courtyard bonfire and firewood. When this area becomes empty on nuts, berries and game – he moved to another location and re-built patio. On dry patches of land, he was making a garden and grow potatoes. Mark really helped to survive 2 left forgotten aircraft. Of these, he fashioned windmill, through which light up the lamp, has also made a pistol and a rifle. According to Marc Gursky, he fell ill during this time only once, when she was in bad weather in the cabin and spilled.

Villagers appointed foreman Mark Hunter and sincerely hope that soon he will have a wife and family, but he felt uncomfortable among people and after a while disappeared in the forest.

It should be noted that the history of Robinsons are of great scientific interest. It is important to explore the possibilities of man and his body. There are people who become as hermits, but for professional reasons. It meteorologists drivers in long-haul flights, explorers and hunters in the Far North.

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