June 15, 2017

Taiga Robinsons (Part 1)


In 1978, in the summer, in the depths of the Siberian taiga, in places where you do not dare to go the hunters, a helicopter spotted by human activities. Small hut has been identified and located on the mountain terraces of gardens. All this is very unusual, because the distance to the nearest settlement was more than 350 kilometers. So quite by accident in the mountains Khakassia was discovered residence of people who lived about half a century away from civilization.

As it turned out, there lived a family of religious fanatics Lykov, who volunteered to protect themselves from the influence of the outside world. The family was small, it consisted of a 83-year-old father Karp Osipovich, his two sons: 40-year-old Dmitry, 56-year-old Savina, and two daughters: 39-year-old Agafya and 46-year-old Natalia. Karp’s wife died before the time when geologists discovered the family.

This family is there without our usual cameras, televisions, electric saws, and with no electricity and aircraft. These things they considered “inventions of the devil.” Even the dogs they have not seen before. As it turned out, the stories Karp Osipovich, their ancestors came to these places from Western Siberia, where a large community of Old Believers was previously. The Old Believers do not recognize the innovation and even pray in the old way. It is up to them, and there was a kind of Lykov.

In 1923, an unknown gang, Karp, pillaged the Old Believer village and his wife Akulina moved into the forest, where they now stumbled geologists. At this point, they have grown children who have never seen other people other than their parents. In addition, the view of the world have developed exclusively for their stories. My parents taught them to write and read old believe books that have been stored.

The life of these people was hard and monotonous, because they always had to fight for their existence in primitive conditions, as well as their day was filled with prayers and reading aloud religious books.

Taiga, where they lived and where it is snowy in early September and goes until May, clothed, shod and fed the family. In summer, they preferred to go barefoot, and in winter, their shoes were chuni bark. Clothing was made of gray burlap. Fire they obtained as well as their ancestors with the help of flint and lit the dwelling torch.

The bread that they ate not familiar to us. It was a black cake, which is baked from a mixture of hemp seed potatoes “in uniform”, nuts and grated rye. Lykovs also ate vegetables grown in your garden: cabbage, potatoes and radishes. Added to the food a lot of nuts and cedar milk.

Weapons they had no meat could eat only when you get to drive a deer in a hole. If the weather permitted, then fished. The boat made of cedar trunk.

In the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” a family history of this was published only in 1982, an article prepared by the popular journalist VM Sands, however, alive at that time was an old father and his daughter Agatha. Everyone else died for unknown reasons in 1981.

Carp and Akulina Lykovs his departure from civilization created extremely difficult conditions of life for themselves and their children. Finally, the isolation is over, and a man who really helped met them. They now have everything you need.

Warm, spacious chalet replaced them with a small hut. VM Sands gave them a goat and Agafya taught her milk. There was a warm clothing, shoes, weapons, ammunition and other useful inventions. When Carp became ill, he was given a qualified health care professionals help arrived by helicopter. Following the publication of this article in the newspaper found seven of their next of kin Tropinin, who live in the Kemerovo region.

Agatha, contrary to the commands of his father, came to stay with relatives for a month to visit. In addition, it was for her a very special event as if you and I flew around the world or directly to Mars. For the first time Agatha went by car, train, on horseback, and did many other things for the first time. The city Kilinsk almost all the inhabitants were relatives Agathius. There she met with three sisters, her mother and saw many nephews, cousins.

Agatha in his great letter to VM Peskov told that all her relatives have horses, cows, chickens, turkeys, as well as a good and warm home. If it were possible, the woman very much like to stay with them. It seems that during this trip Agatha decided when her father dies, she will be back to stay with relatives. Soon, however, events developed differently. In February 1988, died Karp Osipovich, geologists said it came to ski in the village of Agathias.

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