August 14, 2017

Riddle glowing Brandberg Mountain


In Africa, in the desert, which previously had a very unusual name “Skeleton Coast”, and now – “Namib” is a huge lump of Brandberg (in translation from German means “Burning Mountain”). She inhospitable and almost completely devoid of vegetation, but keeps a mysterious secret that has been a lot of years trying to unravel scientists from around the world.

Brandberg is the highest mountain in Namibia. Its height is about 2600 meters. Explorer and discoverer believe officer Yohmana from Germany, who discovered it in 1917. It was he who determined the height of boulders, and the first with his team rose to the top of it. The officer determined that the mountain is 23 km wide and 30 km long. This lump mainly consists of sandstone and granite. Brandberg Mountain is not a volcano, a name it received because the red granite under the influence of sunlight as if flames and fire from a distance resembles a solid language. Of course, this is not so interesting for the mountain, most of all attracted by the beautiful paintings on the cave mills, which is located on the slopes of the Brandberg. The images were found traveler from Germany Reinhard Maas.

A huge wall image taken some procession of black men, it is headed-skinned woman. She, in contrast to the rest of the people depicted in the figure sandaled and wearing a dress. On the one hand she holds a bow and arrow, and the other a vase or flower. The woman has a lot of fine jewelry. In the background image are a variety of unusual shapes and a variety of animals.

Scientists have carefully studied this work of art and have come to the conclusion that this image is similar to drawings of the ancient Mediterranean. To a large extent with those who are on the island of Crete at the palace of Knossos. Image of a white woman “Flaming Mountain” with an arrow and bow reminiscent of ancient Greek Pallas Athena. The lady had red hair, which were collected into a beautiful hairstyle and decorated with priceless tiara of pearls. The image of a flower, according to the verdict of scientists found in Bushman paintings for the first time. It is believed that the painting made around 3500, and maybe even more years ago. Based on this finding, it can be assumed that in ancient times the area of the mountains of the dead was densely populated. Images of crocodiles in the cave drawings makes it possible to think that the dry river were once full flowing, and the land was famous for its fertility.

What kind of people lived in this area? When and where did they come from? Where did and how many survived? And the final question is, who is this white woman? Maybe she Hottentot or bushmenka? One can not clearly answer these questions.

It is worth mentioning that the conditions for research in this area is very difficult. No one without a special permit will not be able to come here, because this is the area Namibia situated very guarded one of the most formidable on the planet diamond deposit.

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