August 8, 2017

Mysteries of vanished tribes (Part 3)

In southern Queensland around the village, there are 3 Tuvimby earthen pyramids, which previously had been taken for the hills. Their height is 305 meters, the base perimeter – 915 meters. Similar structures have been found near the banks of the Murray River, which is located in New South Wales.

Who are these builders and artists, when and where they came from and what is built and painted? These questions are difficult to answer, as well as on the mysteries of Easter island.

In the Jordan Valley in February 1964 found a tomb with the mummy is very noble young woman who had been buried at the end of Article 10. BC. It is well preserved. Scientists have shown that the implementation of embalming used eucalyptus oil. However, as we know, the first seeds of this plant brought to Europe only in 1870 by the botanist F. Moeller of Germany. While it appeared oil for 2,700 years in the Arabian Peninsula before the opening of the Australian continent?


It is also strange that on several islands in the Torres Strait, which is located between the islands of New Guinea and Australia, in the early 19th century., Mummified dead people just like in ancient Egypt.

Australian geographer Doug Seaton found in the mountains in 1965. The Peninsula New York a large number of rock paintings of various plants. Some were like the Nile papyrus. After a long search, the plant was found. So far, no one can answer the question as the Nile papyrus was in this part of the world? Who brought it? Also, there are images of the figures of rhinos, but these animals live only in Africa. It is worth mentioning the fact that many Indonesian names sounding similar to ancient Egyptian.

But this is not all the same mysteries. The Peninsula found a bronze coin, which dates back to the reign of Ptolemy IV time. He reigned in ancient Egypt from 221 to 224 BC. And in the near peninsula Arhemlend found the sculpture of a scarab – beetle sacred ancient Egyptians. So maybe it is a testament to all the Egyptians travel to the coast of Australia before its discovery.

In the mountains of the island of New Guinea in 1972, archaeologists found the picture of the Assyrian king who was cut 3 thousand. Years ago. Beside him embossed image of the Assyrian gods of the Earth and the Sun, as well as wedge inscription. This finding suggests that need still review the history of the Australian continent, as well as others, in view of the fact that proved the similarity of many of the Negro tribe names with Japanese Akan tribes. They even like figurines and musical instruments.

Therefore, in the process of expanding knowledge about the nature of the Earth, and the tribes of their appearance, the history of many geographical discoveries and increasing the number of unsolved puzzles and mysteries to solve which will have future generations? We are told only a small number of mysteries of ancient civilizations. According A.Koltina, president of the Russian Society for the Study of mysteries and secrets of the Earth, before our appearance on planet Earth existed super civilization, which largely surpassed our development. Ancient peoples died because of a global catastrophe that has engulfed the entire planet. It could be a flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, and maybe even a thermonuclear catastrophe. At that time, the current civilization has been completely destroyed, and the development of humanity thrown into many thousands of years ago. There are many legends that tell of a catastrophe. The memory of this is stored in the histories of all the peoples of our planet. There are scientists who believe that the Earth was several global catastrophes, and it even has proof.

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