July 31, 2017

Mysteries of vanished tribes (Part 1)


Very often, in order to solve any mystery of our universe, some scientists suggest that the unexplored sites are not the result of human, aliens from outer space activities are many thousands of years ago. However, at first glance, this is just a bold hypothesis. We live in the modern world, and realize that it is very difficult to travel between galaxies; it is absolutely not a short distance, which is measured in millions of light years. It is logical to conclude that the spacecraft is not possible to make such a long journey, especially since such a technique cannot travel at a speed of 300,000 kilometers per second. Yet, if we assume that space, aliens once visited the planet Earth, then why are they now do not appear? Therefore, there is still reason to believe that all the mysteries of our beautiful planet are exclusively terrestrial origin and that their science is obliged to disclose.

The final point in this matter, it is considered making the disclosure puzzles of unidentified flying objects (UFOs easier) who, according to witnesses, often appear in different parts of the globe.

Great interest was aroused by the thing, found in the ruins of Palenque (it is one of the oldest Mayan cities, which is located on the Yucatan peninsula). This finding – a sarcophagus with the image of a young guy who is sitting on an unidentified unit. Many scientists agreed on the opinion that this image symbolizes life and death. But still the question is very controversial, and many others on the planet.

Most are considered unsolved things left by the Mayan people behind. These people lived in great power, which extended to the territory of the modern Republic of Guatemala and southern Mexico. They could not be any telescope or other devices, but they were able to develop a calendar year, calculated the accuracy of all with an accuracy of 17 seconds. Also, the arithmetic system have appeared much earlier than the Europeans. It is believed that they were long before the Arabs took the starting point of the figure zero. The development of this great nation and striking architecture, because before our time preserved many of their facilities. They built huge cities with temples and pyramids, which were built in exactly the specified date on the calendar invented by them. Scientists have very long studied their records and were able to trace their history, however, only up to the 19th century. And then what will happen next? On this question, unfortunately, is not the answer, as the people had disappeared for unknown reasons, a long time ago.

It is well established that there were no fights or sieges of cities. Ruined buildings only jungle and time. Maya left behind several manuscripts, but, unfortunately, very little. The scientist Y. Knorozov is the world is only a few manuscripts decryption. According to him, we have come to guides on agriculture, celestial phenomena, and certain rituals. This was proof that it was the Maya people, not space aliens created their own culture.

The name of this ancient people came up with Christopher Columbus. According to the stories of his brother, in the way they met a boat whose owner claimed that sails from the north-west of the land “Mayyam”. But what is meant is the Indian name, one still does not know.

And here’s another exciting American enigma. There ostomies tribe, which is located near the town of Tula, and so the language of that tribe is like simultaneously on the Georgian and Basque languages. In 1976 Sh.V. Hvelidze engineer from Tbilisi, studied ancient Georgian language and read the text, which was written on the plaque found in Spain. This text was written 35 centuries ago by the ancient Basques. He stated that 3500 years ago a small part of the Georgian people settled in Western Europe on the Iberian Peninsula under the leadership of the unknown Rio. With these words, it was deciphered enigma Basque descent, people who are very different from all the neighboring Western Europe. However, on the other hand, the similarity ostomies languages, Georgian and Basque said that natives of Georgia, migrated not only in the Iberian Peninsula, but also made it to the United States of America.

The fresco, which was found in the Temple of the Warriors, showing the confrontation between the warriors and the Maya that – some other people.

Interestingly, the gods of May were all depicted with a mustache and beard, and from another tribe – did not have any vegetation on their faces. In addition, recent studies conducted repeated Maya mummies that have been discovered in Mexico and there are human skulls that are very different from the type of the ancient Mayan people. What if they came from the Basques?

According Sh.V. Hvelidze names of gods of the Aztecs and Maya are very similar to the words of Georgian origin. Also noticed the similarity of the old architectural buildings of the Incas and in Georgia.

There are scientists who believe that the Mayans possessed the ancient Greek language and in fact 13 characters of this ancient people, and more than half of the tribe of the Guarani characters similar to Egyptian and used in a similar meaning.

On Marajó Island, it was found an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus, which is located at the mouth of the Amazon. Among the many objects, scientists have found sculpture four-master vessels made of clay. These findings relate to the III millennium. BC.

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