June 29, 2017

Modern Robinsons

Robinson Crusoe Island

Among the vast expanses of the World Ocean, and to this day there were many uninhabited islands. Sometimes they find shelter and Robinsons our times. It is likely, even now, as you read these lines, in different corners of our planet they are fighting for survival in the difficult conditions of wildlife. By the way, Robinson can be seen not only on the remote uninhabited islands, but also not far from the centers of civilization.

For example, in 1983, hunting South Sarmat, a group of hunters stumbled in the wild jungle of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, near the shores of the river on a 12-year-old girl Imayatu, lived here for more than six years in solitude. In just a few years earlier, in one of the February days in 1977 Imayata with friends she went to the river to fish, and disappeared without a trace. It seemed that the girl died when the boat capsized.

Over the past six years Imayata completely wild, even forgetting their native language. However, despite this, the parents immediately recognized his daughter and were immensely happy of her return. It is significant that this is the youngest “robinzonka” in the history of living only 20 kilometers away from home.

But the sailor, which will be discussed below, can be called a champion of real Robinsons of all time. By the way, the story of his hardships, almost completely coincides with the life of the hero of the book by Daniel Defoe – the same Robinson Crusoe.

In 1911, caught in a violent storm, which broke out in the South Pacific Ocean, crashed British schooner “perfect bliss”. He swam to the shore of an uninhabited coral island, overgrown with coconut palms, was only 14-year-old cabin boy named Jeremy Bibs. The boy was able to survive thanks to the excellent knowledge of the novel by Daniel Defoe, serve him as an excellent adviser in all matters. Jeremy was able to build himself a hut, make a bow and arrow to hunt birds. Jung ate bird eggs, fish, fruits of the coconut palm, and coconut milk. Like Robinson Crusoe, he was a kind of “wooden calendar”.

Completely isolated from the familiar world, D. Bibs had no idea about what is happening outside the island. Many years later, in 1985, thanks to the crew accidentally swam to the island of the German ship, 88-year-old Bibs finally returned home.

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