November 7, 2016

Internet Censorship

The advent of the internet as a souvenir invention of the twentieth century brought with it as much concern as it did excitement. However, the ease of access to information of whatever nature irrespective of age or person became a contentious issue. The term internet censorship denotes the regulatory measures on what an individual could access or publish on the internet. Protagonists of this practice argue that censorship is necessary to avoid deleterious or age inappropriate information misleading individuals. On the other hand, antagonists prefer the internet with a restriction free policy as a right. This paper intends to highlight on the importance of internet censorship to society.


Regulation of internet published materials is vital in ensuring child safety and withholding public morality. Random controlled studies carried out by several media companies such as rotten tomatoes and Sony production  group, reveal the enormous role played by both visual and audio materials towards the decay of public morality. Evidently, this roots back to childhood learning curves. Psychologists generally agree on the fact that raw material attained during the early years of life goes a long way in determining the character and moral responsibility of such toddlers even during adulthood (Burnett & Feamster, 2013). Consequently, it is imperative to filter articles, videos and even audio files uploaded for public use. Never the less, one cannot undermine the role of internet in capacity building and academic enhancement. Although the need to share some graphic material (especially between peers for educational purposes) may outweigh the cons, the access to such information ought to be limited to the designated persons (Khattak et al, 2014).

As is evidenced above, there is a myriad of reasons in favor of internet censorship as a policy. Most importantly, it could serve as a protective mechanism to minors in as far as the content of what they learn is concerned.

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