June 9, 2017

Greatest travels around the Earth (Part 1)


Each of us, regardless of age and occupation, is a pedestrian. I wonder how far the average person takes in his life, walking daily around the planet Earth.

Scientists, researchers who have decided to answer this question, have come to the sad conclusion that the decrease in general motor activity of people in our time. First, it is possible to explain the development of various types of transport. In the early 20th century for his life, man took an average distance of 75,000 km, i.e. E. It is thus made almost two trips around the world. Nevertheless, the way of life of modern man fell to 24 thousand kilometers. In addition, the saddest thing, he has continued to decline.

The development of “disease of the century” immobility or “inactivity” explains the sad fact that the majority of the world’s population is overweight.

Although all of us, and even the most sedentary, not really in a state of complete rest, how anyone could think of. We are racing at high speed, even in those moments when we watch TV, read or sleep. We both take part in three movements, this is not quite feeling. First, the rotation of planet Earth around its axis. For example, at the latitude of Paris, the speed of this movement is 900 km h at the equator 1,700 km h. It turns out that during the day we made the whole trip around the world! In the second movement, each of us flying on our planet if on a spaceship with an average speed of 30 km s or 108,000 km min around the sun. Third, the solar system around the galactic center turns at a speed> 220 km s.

Therefore, all of us, even being in a state of rest, at the same time are in an endless round the world and interplanetary travel. All people, including infants who are not able to walk, and grandparents regardless of the wishes in a sense, are the astronauts. You can even count how many you have time to swoop in star space, and around the sun. It is worth emphasizing that every day we travel around the world and make one revolution around the sun every year. But to fly around the galaxy is not enough human life, because it is necessary to travel as much as 200 million. Years! This is just one galactic year.

We all the constant travelers. However, among people there and enthusiasts, which literally travel around the world. They deserve to be inscribed in the list of such achievements. According to the “Guinness Book of Records’ first voyage round the world made George Matta Schilling from the US. It lasted from 3 August 1897 to 1904. However, the first recorded achievement belongs to David Kunst from Uyseka Minnesota (USA). He moved into the path of 20 June 1970. Home back in 1974, on 5 October. During all this, time Karnst walked through many countries on four continents and managed to demolish the 22 pairs of shoes. Most of the way he was walking along with his brother, who was killed in Afghanistan.

Over the long term and less single-handedly round the globe another American Steve Newman from Ohio Bethel. Over the 4 years from 1983 to 1987 he held 36,200 km in 22 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Australia. The city of Boston Newman reached on foot. From there he traveled by plane and Ireland, and then by sea to the United Kingdom. Next to Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan and India. After the plane went to Australia and crossed it from west to east. Again, plane to San Francisco and from there on foot in the Bethel home.

Pedometer Steve showed more than 40 million. Steps. As a true tourist to have documentary evidence of their achievements, the traveler asked the mayors of all the towns through which he passed, to sign and endorse a signature stamp in the track log.

David Kunst is likely to be rehabilitated before his compatriot, in 1987, in December made a new journey. This time he first walked along the equator on its land part 23300 km, crossing 13 countries on four continents. All it took 4 years 3 months and 16 days, and 21 pair of shoes.

More than 30,000 km run around the planet 24-year-old journalist Henry Wilson from England. He started May 1, 1986 in London. Henry sought to become the first person in the world, made a trip around the world jogging. On the way Wilson rented movies, and during lulls kept a diary, which later was to become the book “Running on the planet.” He still had time to look for jobs reading lectures and washing windows. When supermarafonets almost finished crossing the route and the US, the unexpected happened. In the heart of New York, attackers robbed the car that accompanied Henry. As a result, he was left without money, documents, clothes and material for a future book.

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