May 17, 2017

Geographical opening of offices in silence (Part 1)


Look at the map lapped by the cold waves of the Arctic Ocean, to the thousands and thousands of kilometers of coast stretching north of Russia. Thanks to this feature of Geography of the Russian Federation, the researchers got the grounds for the allegations that the facade she turned to the Arctic Ocean.

Harsh and cruel the most northerly of all the oceans on our planet. Not only in winter, but in summer most of its territory is covered with an abundance of drifting ice hummocks and fields, among which in some places there are small and big divorce. Since ancient times, many travelers have a genuine interest in the vast icy wilderness. It is through this unfriendly sea and runs the shortest sea route that connects the east Russia with its western lands – Great Northern Sea Route. To master this path was a long-standing cherished dream of all mankind.

Of great importance for the development of these edges was the world-famous Great Northern expedition, which lasted from 1725 to 1743, GG, in which was written description of the northern coast of the Russian Empire. However, after the expedition public interest in the study of the northern Russian land experienced a marked decline. In fairness, it should be said that in 1763 the great scientist MV Lomonosov tsarist government draft of the new expedition was filed that was supposed to pass through the northern seas to the Pacific Ocean itself. However, like other similar projects, he did not find support. Extant classic indicator of short-sightedness with regard to the development of the Russian North can be called “resolution”, imposed a tutor heir General Zinoviev in the note submitted by one of the enthusiastic development of the Nordic lands of the last century MK Sidorov at the Crown Prince’s name.

The resolution on the note, called “On the North snatch from his plight,” he spoke quite sharply that all of these studies – the stupidity and folly. Here is such a, like a soldier straightforward answer – it is impossible because it is impossible. Yeah, that’s what was the heir to the throne teacher – a man, never even heard of the famous fifth graders every modern warm Gulf Stream. It is a pity, but it is because of these fools, whose opinions still carry weight, all desperate, as in those days said, “Attempt on the North” many individual researchers were doomed to failure and often ended with the death of the brave, who took over the development of the North.

It was only much later, in this century, the Arctic seas, for the purpose of development of the Great Northern ways, was sent to several major expeditions to the specially prepared icebreakers. For the expedition was engaged and aviation. Until then, studies of polar areas did not know of this magnitude.

The so-called “ice bag” unique Kara Sea became an object of particular attention of scientists, because even in summer it is clogged with ice. In addition, there is virtually no sun appears, and the whole year the sky is gray clouds. Moreover, it was his and it was necessary to investigate in the first place, because it is through this sea and had to undergo a large part of the Great North Road. The first phase should determine in what direction and at what speed there is ice movement in the area. The situation is complicated by the fact only a small number of ships that could go up in these waters.

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