July 27, 2017

Dogon Tribe


In 1931, he took an expedition along the African Niger River, in the territory of the Republic of Mali under the guidance of French geographers Deterlena J. and M. Griaule. They found enough small Dogon Tribe, which previously no one in the world was not known. The tribes, which geographers have found the “black continent” in its development was retarded, but communicated closer to the Dogon it turned out that their view of the world and the universe are very similar to modern.

In Dogon no written language, they transmit their knowledge from generation to generation in the form of drawings or legends. tribe members shared their knowledge about the structure of the universe, and were told that our planet moves around its axis “great circle” and “constant stars” – the stars that move around other stars, and moons – a star that when driving They form a circle. In addition, they are well aware of the planets in our solar system, most information they can tell, and Saturn and Jupiter. When the story of the planets, they each represent the pattern. When the image of Saturn, they pointed out that the planet has two rings concentrated, and near Jupiter drew four small rings. In addition, it is true, Saturn – this is the only planet which is surrounded by rings, and Jupiter is surrounded by four large moons.

However, the most surprising, as noted in the work scientist Lucian Zinich, is that the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter can be seen only through a special telescope, the existence of which the Dogon tribe has no idea. They also have information about Sigitolo (our Sirius) – this is the biggest star in the night sky, which is located in the constellation Canis Major. Even more after talking with people from this tribe, the researchers concluded that their development is far ahead of the knowledge of modern science in the 70th years of this century. According to the stories, the facts were long ago known half-savage Dogon.

These skills include information on the composition of the small stars surrounding Sirius, who, as we know, consists of a heavy nuclear matter, which we call “white dwarfs.” The Dogon know about the existence of 226 constellations in our sky. The most amazing thing is that in the legends of the half-savage tribe has modern facts of nuclear physics and molecular biology. It is impossible to imagine that such knowledge has in people developing in the primitive conditions of existence. It makes no sense even to imagine the hypothesis of a telescope in this tribe, even natural, that it is a mirror lake in the cave, as well as the assumption that a lot of millennia ago on our planet came a few space aliens from Sirius. However, the question remains: who then provided the Dogon tribe of such information? Over the answer to the question many scientists work.

Now is the time to remember the famous book “The Sirius Mystery”, written in 1977 by the English scientist Robert Temple. In his work, the author suggested that he categorically rejects the Dogon tribe of contact with space aliens. He believes that his deep knowledge of the Dogon could get from a very developed in antiquity Garamantes people who were mentioned by Herodotus. Their kingdom was located on the border of Egypt to the Atlas Mountains. Perhaps they left a lot of drawings in the mountains of Tassili. These people disappeared among the inhabitants of the West and North Africa, and have left behind no monuments, besides the ruins of a small northeast from the city of Murzuq. That is why now we have about them almost nothing is known. It is believed that some of them settled in the center of the continent is likely to Tibesti highlands, where geographers and met with similar legends like the Dogon.

Scientists believe that the descendants of the ancient people Garamantes are Tuareg. There are facts that indicate to us that this nation was highly developed – it built a huge water system, located under the Sahara, it stretches from Sebha to the oasis of Ghat, which is located at the Algerian border, as well as many of the feudal structures. Note that the length of tunnels carved into the rock, is more than 1,600 kilometers. It is amazing how people of the third millennium were able to do this without having to yourself mining heading equipment and tools necessary for laying tracks, ventilation and lighting. Just imagine, at the time of this work they took on the surface of more than 20 million. Cubic meters of rock. On this basis, scientists make the assumption that it is possible Garamantes enlightened Dogon tribe. Then a new question arises, and who, as they passed such a unique knowledge?

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