July 10, 2017

Coconut Island – a place of lost illusions


On the map in the area of Costa Rica you can find a small point, it is an island of coconut. It is small, the total area is 24 square kilometers the island is very dark, has a rocky coast that resemble a fortress. It is in them with a great noise cut into huge waves. Due to this island can only be reached in good weather, which for this area are rare. In addition, even if you happen to fall into one of the small bays, it is to be very careful, because they are teeming with sharks. The central part of the island occupied by the mountain Raundel-Con, which reaches a height of 771 meters above sea level.

The whole island is covered with tropical forests, which are formed under the influence of hot and humid climate. You will not find a large variety of animals. At Coconut live mostly poisonous snakes, birds and mosquitoes. For a man, this island is uninhabited, because such a moist climate is fatal to us.

The island is like a huge sponge, which is fully saturated with moisture and forms a plurality of streams and swamps. It is a beautiful waterfall in the center.

However, more than one hundred and fifty years, this strange island does not disappear from the pages of printed publications. At Coconuts, it was conducted more than 500 missions.

What are interested in this small island people?

The answer is simple – fabulous treasures. Various sources indicate that a long time ago pirates hid here the so-called stone safe.

Many believe that the island hidden treasure 6 large. One of them belongs to Henry Morgan, and by the most conservative estimates, it will cost $ 40 million.

They say that there is and “Treasure of Lima”, which was hidden in 1820 by Captain Thomson, its contents – several tons of gold bullion. It is believed that apart from anything else on the island is the Virgin Mary statue made of pure gold in a full human growth.

There is evidence that had some connection with the island of Cocos pirates such as Alexander Graham, Edward Davis, and William Dampier, who was nicknamed “the king of the sea.” Dampier three times bypassed globe and has made an enormous contribution to the development oceanography. This man was formed at that time. He wrote his “Treatise on the breezes, storms, winds, trade winds, low tide, and tide in the warm area ofthe world.” Dampier was not so much a pirate, as a scientist, was a friend of Daniel Defoe and Swift with Dzhonatom. Interestingly, the Dampier was also a knight of the Knights.

The treasures that are hidden in this small island do not give sleep to many seekers of fortune. First ventured in search of Franklin Roosevelt, who later became a prominent American figure and the US president. Treasure Seekers used different instruments to detect treasure, if the sources that contain information about hidden treasures are true, and then we must admit that the pirates at the time could not only rob but also cleverly hide. For all the expeditions was lucky to only Augustus Gisser, which is itself, engaged in a treasure hunt from 1894 to 1914. He was discovered by the Spanish coin made of gold, but many believe that it does not belong to a part of a huge treasure, but just fell out of his pocket a precursor finder. After all, only one coin that he found in the 20 years of continuous research. Given the harsh climate on the island can be counted more than a hundred graves seekers who arrived treasure. Do not call the Cocos Island treasure; because it is an island of unfulfilled hopes and illusions, it is more suitable name gloomy island.

A small number of searchers returned safely home, for many, this island has become a tomb and the witness lost time, money and lives.

The question remains whether and in general those treasures is actually a myth or a fantasy played out and people. The island was so badly pitted, that the Costa Rican government in 1978 decided to impose a ban on the island to produce coconut any excavation.

It should also be mentioned that the last expedition, which took place on coconuts, was in 1994, and has organized it, Jacques Yves Cousteau, and in 1997 was included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites.

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