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Legend of Lake Kok-Kol

Many legends for a long time, accompanied by stories about a small lake Kazakhstan Kok-Kol, located in Karakistanskoy Valley. Like the legend of the mysterious inhabitants of Loch Ness, which is known all over the world tell us that the lake Kok-Kol inhabits a mysterious inhabitant like a huge snake or dromedary. Locals call it […]

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The sea filibusters (Part 2)

As time went on, and the royal “court” filibusters replaced by other pirates. By joining forces, they formed the base on the island of Tortuga, which is located in the Caribbean Sea, north of Haiti (Hispaniola). Well-protected bay of the island was very convenient base for organizing attacks on the “golden fleet” Spanish. Tortuga Island […]

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The sea filibusters (Part 1)

Where is the legendary sea filibusters? After all, on a geographical map to find it. However, it exists, but has a completely different name. Take a look at the map, namely – on the northern coast of South America. One of the largest seas of the planet – the Caribbean, washes them. It is spread […]

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Treasure Island

Who among us has not read the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island” or watching the same film? However, few people know that the island is described in the novel, according to many scientists – not fancy fruit. Take a look at the map in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, near the southern […]

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Robinsons on their own (Part 2)

Surprised American sailors were met with derisive words of voluntary Robinson. He flatly refused to go back into the world, in fact – the news from there is not the least bit interested. After 9 years of Robinson Crusoe, in 1966 Tom Neal returned to his homeland, where published the book “Island for ourselves,” Well, […]

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Robinsons on their own (Part 1)

Among Robinson there are a lot of weirdos, for one reason or another voluntarily left a civilized society, and settled on uninhabited islands or other uninhabited areas. However, to hide from the people with the modern world – almost hopeless undertaking, and eventually the wraps off Robinson. For example, in July 1957, one of the […]

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Modern Robinsons

Among the vast expanses of the World Ocean, and to this day there were many uninhabited islands. Sometimes they find shelter and Robinsons our times. It is likely, even now, as you read these lines, in different corners of our planet they are fighting for survival in the difficult conditions of wildlife. By the way, […]

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In the wake of Robinson Crusoe (Part 2)

It took a long time before the man regained consciousness and was able to tell the story of their extraordinary adventures. His name was Alexander Selkirk. He was born in 1676 in the small Scottish town of Largo, his father was a poor shoemaker John Selkreg. At nineteen years old, due to constant conflicts with […]

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In the wake of Robinson Crusoe (Part 1)

During the reading of the novel by the English writer Daniel Defoe’s “Robinson Crusoe” or watching the same movie, many are likely to seriously thought about Robinson could there be in real life, and if he could, then where exactly it was located island. In fact, Robinson – not fiction. At the heart of Daniel […]

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