May 11, 2017

Around the world through the poles &

Around the world through the poles

All round the world trip on our planet, is no exception and the first Magellan, carried out in the latitudinal direction from east to west or vice versa.

Charles Burton and British Ranulph Fiennes for the first time in human history have carried out a unique journey around the world. They circled the planet in its meridian direction through the pole.

In 1979, September 2, these British explorers set sail from the mouth of the Thames not ship “Benjamin Burin” “Benjie Bee”) and headed along the zero meridian to the south. Starting from the northern coast of France, they crossed on foot the territory of that state, and then to Spain. Then they took the path through the Sahara desert to the south of Algeria to Abidjan the capital of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire. Then they are on their small boat reached Cape Town in South Africa, we crossed the Atlantic and found in Antarctica on the coast of Queen Maud Land.

Travelers on a specially designed snowmobile moved deep into the icy continent. December 16, 1980 they were met at the South Pole on the American station “Amundsen-Scott”. This American base in contrast to the rest located in Antarctica, protected from the elements metal dome. It is very large and under the arches can fit eight prefabricated houses with central heating. In winter, when the temperature drops to -80 degrees Celsius, its doors are closed.

On motonartah in just 66 days, Fiennes and Burton crossed Antarctica and reached the Victoria Land. At its board of Cape Auer, moving along the 180th meridian, the travelers arrived in New Zealand. Then they crossed the Pacific Ocean, and cast anchor in the US Port of Los Angeles. Along the Pacific coast of Canada and the United States, the British came to the Yukon River in Alaska. On it on board, they reached the city of gold miners Dousman. From there, we proceeded on foot to Inuvik village at the mouth of the Mackenzie River. Once on the boat travelers sailed to Ellesmere Island Canadian Arctic Archipelago. There they spent the winter in the village of Alert. Gain strength and relaxing, Fiennes and Burton moved to the North Pole and reached it in 1982 on 11 April.

Already in the final stage of their journey, they are within 99 days on an ice floe drifted to Spitsbergen. Around him, forwarders took all the same, “Benjamin Bowring” and took them to 29 August 1982 in London. The journey lasted three years. Over this period, 56 325 km has been overcome. Courage, strength and ease of equipment and machinery have passed this test.

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