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International Ecotourism Society defines ecotourism as travelling responsibly to natural areas that preserve, conserves the environment, and betters the life of the local community. In essence, ecotourism plays such a vital role in ensuring sustainability and that resources are utilized well for the posterity. Duffy (2013) states that ecotourism has become a major area of […]

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Foreign aid is intended to help poor countries. Contrary to this, poor countries rarely benefit from foreign aid. It is evident that foreign aid does not always reach those in need in these countries. Foreign aid in form of education or food may not drive these countries out of their problems. Poor countries seem to […]

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How Companies Track Your Habits

With the advancement in technology and extensive use of it, nothing is private anymore. Today, people are required to submit their data, information and even sensitive materials for companies and organizations to attend to them. They argue that this helps in delivering quick services and protect people. However, most organizations use these materials to get […]

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Role of education in development

In any country’s development education is essential.  Some people are of the view that, education is among the subsidiary factor in the development of any country. This paper illustrates that in the development of any country education is of the most importance. First of all, the way people think in any country is dramatically changed […]

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Connection between Robotization and World Poverty

In the current technological development and enhancement of information and communication technology, robotization has escalated globally increasing the use of electronic machines. People use Machines to perform most of the regular jobs in offices. Computers perform various duties efficiently leading to the reduction of human activities and the number of the worker in various sectors […]

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Are our zoos cruel to wild animals?

Zoos have been experiencing an uneven path of popularity throughout the past decades, and one can note a general, global shift in perspectives as to what zoos represent (Frost, 2010). This comes as a result of awareness being raised against animal cruelty at all levels, and primarily directed at the ways in which zoos treat […]

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