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What Do Organic Gardeners Use To Supply Potassium

A major plant food is potassium, more commonly referred to as potash when talking about fertilizer. Potassium is certainly the most elusive plant food. In one acre of ground there may be 40,000 pounds of potassium in the top six inches of soil, but only 1 percent of it might be immediately available. Potassium seems […]

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The mysterious nature refrigerators

In the North Caucasus, near the resort town of Zheleznovodsk have low mountain Razvalka. Otherwise, it is still called the Sleeping Lion because it is very similar to the resting animal. For a long time this mountain has been linked Caucasian interesting puzzle. Despite the low height – only 720 meters above sea level, on […]

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Glowing circles of the Indian Ocean

In 1976, the summer of the Soviet research vessel named “Vladimir Komarov” furrow across the expanses of the Arabian Sea. Shortly before midnight, when not all the crewmembers are employed on duty slept, the ship’s captain Petrenko summoned to the bridge. There was a navigator on watch and shouted something, pointing to the water. Right […]

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Riddle glowing Brandberg Mountain

In Africa, in the desert, which previously had a very unusual name “Skeleton Coast”, and now – “Namib” is a huge lump of Brandberg (in translation from German means “Burning Mountain”). She inhospitable and almost completely devoid of vegetation, but keeps a mysterious secret that has been a lot of years trying to unravel scientists […]

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Tunguska miracle

On June 30, 1908 over the East Siberian taiga in the pool one of the largest tributaries of the Yenisei River in the Stony Tunguska River 64 kilometers from the village Varnavary explosion of enormous power. Fortunately, there were no casualties, but several houses were destroyed in the village from the blast. By today Scientists […]

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Mysteries of vanished tribes (Part 3)

In southern Queensland around the village, there are 3 Tuvimby earthen pyramids, which previously had been taken for the hills. Their height is 305 meters, the base perimeter – 915 meters. Similar structures have been found near the banks of the Murray River, which is located in New South Wales. Who are these builders and […]

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Mysteries of vanished tribes (Part 2)

Great mystery covered the origin of the population in Peru. blood test five mummies Inca rulers was conducted and it showed that they all had the “A” group, which, as we know, “brought” only a few centuries to the Americas. Some strange inscriptions, which are similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics were found in one of the small caves of Northern Chile. We can assume […]

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Mysteries of vanished tribes (Part 1)

Very often, in order to solve any mystery of our universe, some scientists suggest that the unexplored sites are not the result of human, aliens from outer space activities are many thousands of years ago. However, at first glance, this is just a bold hypothesis. We live in the modern world, and realize that it […]

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Dogon Tribe

In 1931, he took an expedition along the African Niger River, in the territory of the Republic of Mali under the guidance of French geographers Deterlena J. and M. Griaule. They found enough small Dogon Tribe, which previously no one in the world was not known. The tribes, which geographers have found the “black continent” […]

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