What to expect from a Grand Prix Hospitality package

If you plan on attending a Formula 1 Grand Prix event there are a few things you need to know when buying tickets. First of all you shouldn’t buy tickets, but packages that include a hotel room and tickets to the event. Before you purchase any package, make sure you know which one you need more. There are various packages available depending on who you go with. You have a special package designed just for you even if you plan on attending alone.

Grand Prix Hospitality

The Grand Prix Hospitality is exceptional and ensures your Grand Prix experience will be unforgettable. You will basically feel like a very important person, better known as VIP. The treatment is very special and you should really consider it if you have a person you would like to impress. Read on to find out what can you expect from this experience, because anything you want could be delivered on a silver plate, so to say.

The Grand Prix Hospitality offers the possibility of Mercedes limousine transfers if you don’t drive your own car. The transfers are between the airport and hotel. Other transfer options can be arranged as well, and they include a private jet or helicopter. If you rather drive your own car, you will have access to VIP parking lots. You should remember that parking is for you and 3 guests more. Because the hospitality is the main attraction here, you will stay at luxurious hotels, however you don’t have to worry about the costs because there are options available for all budgets.

One of the main attractions of the hospitality package at any Grand Prix event is the possibility of walking down the lane pits and meeting with the favorite pilot and team. Of course, the privilege of attending extravagant parties and after parties with celebrities or members of various royal families, is something not to be missed either.

This isn’t all, as the Grand Prix Hospitality packages give you access to lounges equipped with air conditioning and personal hostesses. These lounges are where you will enjoy the Grand Prix races, sealing deals, or simply relaxing. You can be certain you won’t starve while watching the race, as the best foods will be brought to you.

One of the last things included in the Grand Prix Hospitality packages is the possibility of an excursion or trip around the city. Depending on which Formula 1 Grand Prix event you attend the excursions and trips around the city are something to look forward to. If you bring your friends and family along, and you also plan on conducting some business they might get bored waiting around for you. Instead of getting bored in a hotel room they can go out and explore. The trips around the city are a good alternative for those who don’t like to party much either.

the last thing you should know about the Formula 1 is that you need to book and buy tickets in advance if you want to choose the best room, or a certain hotel.

Facts You Need to Know About Prohormones – SUPER DMZ FACTOR

There are many misconceptions floating around about Prohormones and their association with steroids and other performance enhancers. Many athletes and body builders have resorted to prohormone usage since the ban against steroids (super dmz 3.0 supplement) was implemented. This is due to the delicate nature of Prohormones and how they are able to convert in the liver into steroids. They are used to reap similar benefits as their steroid counterparts.

The following is a list of different facts that you need to know when considering prohormones:

  • The user should be at least 21 years of age before ever even considering prohormones. This is due to your body’s inner system. Your body is more developed after 21 years of age and prohormone use is safer after this time.
  • Training and nutrition is important. These prohormones are not a magical little pill that will instantly let you have the body of your dreams. It is important that you follow a proper dieting and training regimen to help maximize success.
  • Some prohormones were banned in 2004 along with many other steroids and performance enhancers. It is important to ensure that the prohormone you are using is not on the list of illegal or controlled substances. Many pharmaceutical companies have side stepped the ban by producing prohormones that are similar but manage to have enough alternate ingredients not to end up on the banned list
  • Prohormones have come a long way when it comes to safety but many of them can still wreck your system. Prohormone abuse can cause serious side effects such as liver damage, heart and other organs enlarging, male breasts, shrinking testicles, and increased instances of high blood pressure and heart attack.
  • It is essential to take prohormones in cycles to ensure healthy administration.
  • Prohormones can show up in drug tests. However, this also depends on the type of drug test you will be taking. If you are taking a blood test that includes a search for steroids then this will show up. However, if you are applying for a job you are normally safe because they are looking for more extreme drugs that would impair your system and mental capacities.
  • It is not a good idea to drink alcohol while taking prohormones. Many of these prohormones can already affect your liver. Alcohol can be consumed when you are on your prohormone free cycle.
  • There are two different classes of prohormones. The first class is a strong androgen binder while the second class is not such as famous super dmz rx 2.0 supplement. When stacking prohormones you want to stack one from Class 1 with another from Class 2 to ensure maximum results.

If prohormones are not for you, you can also check out mike chang’s monster mass product.


What is the Six Figure Mentor?

The six figure mentor is a digital business platform that attempts to teach the everyday person about different aspects of business. The main intention of this membership based program is to provide the skills and knowledge needed to help people make the transition from being an employee to being their own boss. These lessons can consist of anything from networking opportunities, support communities, and basic business skills such as understanding supply and demand.

How Does it All Work?

The Six Figure Mentor is a membership based community. The system provides a business platform with priceless information needed to turn anyone’s business into a success, that. The computer business system offers the most up to date software and tools to help make the transition from employee to boss as easy as possible. The program offers many additional perks such as 24 hour support from other members of the community who have all been in the same shoes that you currently fill. The support system works to help newcomers get their ideas and their business out there and offers valuable feedback. This system insures that no one feels alone in their business journey.

The program offers compensation plans depending on the level of membership that a person chooses to commit to. Starting out commissions will be low but dedicated workers will start to see this commission grow as their business begins to grow. Some successful business workers have easily made over $1,000 monthly in compensations. This is all do to the unique business platform and how it successfully helps to channel traffic to your sites. That’s about a quick analysis of the six figure mentors

The Different Types of Membership

There are many different levels of membership for varying membership prices. Membership gives you access to the six figure mentor platform and helps to arm you with the information needed to become successful. These memberships not only cover the tools that are needed but offers the educational opportunities for members to become independently successful.

Introductory: The first level is their introductory level. This is the lowest level of membership that a person can opt for. This introductory level allows membership on a basic level. This means that members will be able to access majority of the platform but more high demand aspects may not be available to them. Members in this level are awarded their own business coaches to help guide them on their journey. This level is more about shifting the focus of how people perceive themselves. This level is about learning how to transition from employee to your own boss. This membership level focuses on teaching others how to use the six figure mentor.

Basic: The next level is the basic membership level. This is the middle layer of membership. This allows for members to have premium membership and allows them to view weekly training and success seminars. This layer also provides information about laying the real foundation for your own business and allows you to gain more of an outreach.

Elite: The highest level of membership available is the elite membership. This is the top tier of membership available for the six figure mentor. This allows for members to be put in through DEA affiliation enrollment as well as allows for all the benefits of the previous layers. This membership also provides live coaching from the websites developers who founded the six figure mentor program. This option has the most outreach but also comes at the steep price.

Monthly payment plan options are available to members as well as a free seven day trial to get a feel and understanding for the system. You can have a fresh look of the six figure mentors here.

Things you don’t know about disabled access doors

It is very difficult for men to impress a woman these days, but opening and holding a door open for her is a good start. Fancy hotels still have doormen who do this to help customers feel at ease when staying there. Business owners don’t know that the appearance of a door is very important as some people might walk away or in solely because of the door. Not even passers-by realise all the factors that make them go in or not. Having an automatic door installed increases the number of those who decide to go in.

The disabled access doors are doors that can be easily operated by disabled people. The automatic doors should be the preferred by all commercial places, however at home they are difficult to instal, and sometimes impractical. Some companies like Go Access specialise in doors that fold and also offer an enlarged doorway. This is an important aspect for those who need to use a wheelchair. The door’s opening can be increased with 80 mm for a standard door. If there is another type of door installed, then the enlargement will differ.

No matter where you order your special disabled access doors, you will have to modify the door’s opening. Based on the model and the company, the modification might be significant, or very messy. The cases requiring little modification and almost no mess are rare, but well worth searching for. Depending on who you call on to enlarge your doors, the process can last under a day, meaning there will be no wall cutting happening. For this scenario, you will be using either sliding or foldable doors. These doors are also pre-decorated, therefore you will have little to worry about.

The foldable disabled access doors are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms in the homes where there is a person in a wheelchair. Their key feature is their ability to completely get out of the wheelchair’s way thanks to their unique hinges. This type of doors have many other advantages and attributes:

impact resistant. Many people bump into doors and their frames when going in and out of a room, and this happens more to those in a wheelchair when using a traditional door.Disabled access doors

those using a wheelchair can easily reach the door to open and close it

space saving. You can install such doors even if there is no disabled person in your household.

easy and fast installation.

you can choose a latch or a lock

there is no risk of pinching your fingers.

By installing disabled access doors throughout your home you can actually increase interest in it should you want to sell it. Regardless of the use of a wheelchair, everyone in the household will pass from a room to the other faster, easier, and even safer. Before you choose a manufacturer over another, make sure they deliver across the country, and offer maintenance services should they be needed. Most sellers will provide a price quote free of charge during the first contact, but you still need to ask if this is the case.

What Everyone should know about the Electric Door Opener

Whether you are a man, woman, or child it is important that you understand the electric door opener you likely have in your home or garage. While these masterpieces of convenience make our lives easier is many ways, they can be dangerous if not properly used and maintained.

Below we will talk about various facts which relate to the electric door opener, both beneficial and potentially detrimental. By diligently being aware of these facts and treating them according to their characteristics, you will be able to enjoy your electric door opener without any harm coming to you, your guests, or your loved ones.

The Electric Door Opener: Your own Personal Security Guard

Not only does this type of door opener provide your family with trusted safety, but it also lights your way inside, avoiding injury and keeping those you love safe. This type of door is also convenient, allowing you to access your home or garage from the safety of your vehicle. This is a particularly desirable feature for those who are alone when driving or when driving at night.

Theys are versatile, allowing you to have the perfect door for your needs, regardless of your situation or circumstances. With a wide variety of beneficial features and extras you can rest assured you will be safe and sound.

Dangers of Electric Openers

There are many potential problems that can occur as a result of electric door opener use. First, installation of the unit can cause serious injury or death if one is not experienced in working with electricity. If you have never installed this type of door in the past you should seriously consider having the opener professionally installed. Even if you are not harmed during installation, improper wiring can contribute to future fire damage; be sure to have it done properly by a trained, experienced, and qualified professional that is bonded and insured. This is for the safety of everyone involved.Electric door opener

Electric openers come with electronic “eyes” which detect any presence which may be in the way of the door closing. While this is an ingenious mechanism, is must be installed properly and tested regularly. Any malfunction resulting in the eyes’ inability to “see” a person or animal has great potential for harming or killing the unseen individual. This is another area in which professional installation comes highly recommended.

In this day and age having a power door opener on or in your home is common. Make sure you take advantage of the benefits these doors offer and be extra aware of the dangers. You will be able to enjoy the security and convenience having one, and in the long run it will pay for itself. Shop around and check out the styles that fit your needs, the prices that fit your budget, and the service providers with the best reputation for service. If you exercise caution and responsibility regarding this issue you will enjoy your electric door opener for years to come.

Decorate your home in a unique style with blue glass ornaments


blue glass ornamentsWhen you look around your living room you will be met with not just furniture but ornaments and pictures hanging from the walls; it is rare to find a room that has no ornaments at all. What you may well be met with however is a mishmash of different souvenirs that simply don’t blend together; to create a unique style for your room invest in some cool looking blue glass ornaments.


Glass is a great material for ornamental pieces in your home; it is timeless, easy to wash when it gets dull and it will never fade over time. You may choose from vases, paperweights, or sculpted items for your room; blue glass ornaments will look alluring and they will often take you back to a time when you were by the sea. The ocean is fascinating and when you add blue glass ornaments to your room you will create a peaceful atmosphere that will blend perfectly with any type of furniture you have in the room.


When looking around on your shelves you may find gifts and souvenirs that have been damaged by the sun; they will look old and tatty and they will bring down the overall appearance of your room. What you need is to de-clutter your room and get rid of old and tired pieces such as ceramic objects with chips in them and items made from cloth and other materials that have faded over time.


When you introduce blue glass ornaments to your home you will create an effect that will bring peace and tranquillity to your room. Choose from vases, paperweights, or cut glass objects and sculptures in the finest blue glass, and display them with pride ensuring that you don’t clutter up your shelves. Glass ornaments are so easy to clean; simply wipe them with a duster or for a thorough clean wash them in lightly soaped water and dry them carefully with a cloth until they are looking shiny again.


You can find blue glass ornaments for sale both in stores as well as online; for some really original pieces however that no one else owns, choose hand blown glass ornaments that will reveal intricate patterns within them. Glass ornaments are classy yet affordable, and when you invest in glass for your home you are making a lifetime investment.


When you are sick of the disarray that you see when you look around your rooms, clear away all your old keepsakes and ornaments that are outdated and bringing down the tone of your room; choose blue glass for your new collection and allow your front room or dining room exude elegance as the sun shimmers on the glass and reflects gently on the walls of your room. Glass has been used for ornaments for many decades and unlike pottery or hand woven or cloth pieces that you may choose for your home they will never look tired or old and they will continue to shimmer in the light each and every time you enter the room.

Facts About The Lilongwe Airport

If you are visiting Malawi you may be flying into the Lilongwe Airport. The more you know about the airport before you get there, the better off you will be. Here are some facts about the airport (a.k.a Kamuzu International Airport.)

Single Runway and Terminal

As the airport in Lilongwe doesn’t get as much traffic as other airports do it only has one runway. The airport itself is located above the mean sea level. Its lone terminal is large enough to accommodate everyone who flies through the airport. The terminal includes tourist centre, café, gift shops, post office, and currency exchange window as well as car rental services.

If you choose to drive to the airport you will find that the price of parking there is reasonable.

As one of the area’s smaller airports, it sees roughly 250,000 passengers in one year. Since the airport is on the smaller side, there are 12 desks, three of which are almost always open. Once you are checked in there are bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a drink and some food while waiting for your flight to board.

Chartered Private Jets

Much of the air traffic that comes into this airport is from chartered private jets, as high rollers prefer to fly into this airport over others when travelling to Malawi. Each chartered airplane meets the standards set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Cities It Serves

People that fly into the Lilongwe Airport are generally coming from or travelling to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Zambia, Tanzania and even Kenya.

Those that come into this airport from Europe are generally on their way to Ethiopia, South Africa or Kenya. Most of the flights that come into and out of this airport are domestic flights, with an average of five international flights leaving the airport on a daily basis.

Participating Airlines

The airlines that fly out of this airport are Zambia Airways, Air Malawi, Kenya Airways, Air Zimbabwe, South African Airways and Ethiopian Airlines. The one cargo airline that uses this airport is Emirates SkyCargo, which has a final destination of Dubai.

Travelling From the AirportLilongwe airport

If you are travelling to Malawi and are not renting a car when you get there, you will be happy to know that there are almost always local buses running. You will be able to take a bus directly into the city of Lilongwe from the airport. If you do not wish to take a bus there are also local taxis that can take you to nearby locations. Depending on where you are staying during your Lilongwe holiday, you may even be able to get a free shuttle from the airport to the accommodations you chose to stay at.

Returning Passengers

If you are a foreign passenger leaving Malawi out of the airport, be advised that you will be required to pay a fee of $30 USD in order to leave.

These are valuable things for you to know about the Lilongwe airport before you fly in.

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) In Bristol

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which the visibility of a website or web page in a search engine’ss earch results is changed or affected. Generally earlier or higher ranked searches on the search results page and more frequently visited sites appear in the search results list when being used. Higher ranked and most visited sites will receive more visitors among the search engine’s users. Bristol being the digital capital of the UK, the SEO companies here can target many types of search such as image search,video, local, academic, news searches and also vertical search engines specific to industries. The SEO service here is renowned.SEO service
In Bristol, SEO companies consider how search engines work, what people here search for, the different search terms or keywords that are typed into search engines and which are the search engines that are preferred by the public in the city. Website optimization often involves editing of content, HTML and coding associated with it. This can both increase the site’s relevance to specific keywords and remove barriers in the indexing activities of the search engines. Another tactic of SEO is to promote a web site to help increase the number of back links and inbound links connected to it.SEO companies in Bristol are leading in digital strategies in the UK to make sure you are successful in your online businesses.
If your business is suffering from the following situations it might be high time you opted for some good SEO service:
Your website is bringing you less profit than you had expected originally.
The competitive advantage you had is not there anymore.
Earlier advice from marketing experts online proved pointless.
Your website is not displayed prominently in search engine lists.
A good SEO service will help increase the number of search enquires to your website and effectively drive traffic into your website. These increased website searches will certainly turn into successful sales.The SEOs here can detect your most gainful keywords and implant them into your web site or web page. When a potential customer uses those keywords to search in Google your website will appear in a much better position. The SEO services in Bristol are simply excellent. There are a growing number of companies as well as agencies which specialise in SEO, web design, digital marketing, graphic designing and many other creative services. It provides great job opportunities for people wanting to work in SEOs full time, part time or as freelancers.
There is a whole range of off page SEO services that can be easily found in Bristol. Everything you need, from getting you on top of the Google search engine with a local business listing or social outreach to business directory submissions,PR news syndications and writing articles for e-zines in your business domain. You can greatly increase your profits in business with these services.

How to Enjoy the Grand Prix with a Monaco F1 Package

Monaco F1 PackageEver since the first Grand Prix was held in Monaco in 1929, spectators and fans of all ages have enjoyed a fun filled weekend in Monaco. The Monaco Formula One racing Grand Prix is probably one of the biggest spectator sports, set just a few metres away from the Mediterranean Sea, right at the foothills of the beautiful Alps.

Monaco is Where the Magic Happens

The race at Monaco is probably one of the biggest challenges in Formula One racing. Taking place on Monte Carlo’s 2 mile “Circuit de Monaco”, the racetrack itself is unusually winding and narrow. Taking place along the tight streets of Monte Carlo, instead of a custom built track, this circuit race is unique to the world of F1 racing. With elevation changes, tight, twisting corners, the race can be challenging to drivers of all skill sets. No other F1 race has the glamour and historic aspect quite like Monaco.

The Allure Monaco Has to Offer

Much of the allure that Monaco has to offer is the location and stunning atmosphere. With a Monaco F1 Package, fans can receive the VIP treatment along the Monaco coastline. Known for their fabulous casinos, glamour and delicious food, the Monaco atmosphere offered in a Monaco F1 Package is perfect for any fans or spectators. Not only do fans get to watch the race in a beautiful venue, but they can enjoy a vacation away from home, the entire Grand Prix weekend.

The Paddock Club in Monaco is host to fine hospitality to help fans enjoy their Grand Prix experience. The Paddock club allows fans the opportunity to gain access to pit lane, which increases their chances of meeting a Formula One team member. The Paddock Club in Monaco is positioned right on the edge of the harbour, right by the exclusive Yacht Club de Monaco.

A VIP Treatment All Around

With a close position to view all their favourite drivers, fans can enjoy Grandstand access with their Monaco F1 Package. With an open bar, coffee, pastries, and tea, there is never an empty belly in the house. Live entertainment is on hand to entertain fans before, during and after racing festivities.

For an even more exclusive and once in a lifetime experience, helicopter or private VIP tours and transfers can be arranged. Admission to private and exclusive events and parties can be added to any Monaco F1 package. Fans can score a seat in one of the best locations for race viewing pleasure at the Paddock Club in Monaco.

Located right on the Mediterranean Sea, tucked deep into the Maritimes Alps, fans are only mere minutes away from the International Airport, and other transportation venues. The Historic Grand Prix in Monaco is one event that no Formula One racing fan should miss. Considered to be as true to history as possible, every race is like a blast from the past, back to the first Grand Prix in 1929.